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Managed Moves specializes in moving seniors into retirement communities.  We coordinate each step and simplify the process to make it less intimidating.    Managed Moves is licensed, bonded and insured. 

Floor Plan
Custom Floor Plans


Floor plans are a great way to prioritize the furniture you want to move, as well as visualize the layout and storage capabilities.  If you are interested in a floor plan, we will measure the furniture you want to choose from during our free estimate.  The items will then be inserted into the schematic of your new home, and create a custom floor plan for your needs.  


Careful Packing
Professional Packing and Unpacking


Our experienced packers take great care of your treasured items.  Having a experience with many retirement communities we are able to advise our clients on what to pack.  Boxes and packing material are provided with this service and Managed Moves will pick up used material. 
Consider having your packer unpack.  This will ease your transition into your new home and community.  

The average 1 bedroom pack takes 5-6 hours and an un-pack takes half that time.  

Movers & Truck_edited.jpg
Professional Compassionate Movers


“We appreciate that this is a major move for our clients and we treat it that way.”
Managed Moves is unique because we specialize in moving clients into retirement communities.  Our experienced and compassionate movers go the extra mile to take care of each step of the way.   At the destination we make your bed, plug in lights, set clocks, and make sure you are satisfied with the layout.  After a week of settling into your home, if you would like us to come back and move anything around for you, we will! 
Satisfaction Guaranteed!



“I live in South Carolina and last night I received a call from my youngest brother, who is the only remaining sibling living in Portland.  
The first thing I heard was Thank you, thank you, thank you!" He said “I don’t know how much you paid that gal for packing and unpacking Mom, but that was the best money ever spent!”  He raved about how your company did such an excellent job of preparing Mom’s house and Mom for the move.  Priceless!
You took care of every detail, down to making her bed!  You company made all the difference in the world. “  Maria C.

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